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After a structure was removed to the right of the Jacob Rust Store, Collins created an attractive thoroughfare that connected the Pedestrian Mall with Church Street. Lined with plants, trees, and Belgium blocks, perhaps it's most striking feature is the blank vertical brick wall at its end. Clearly, Collins and the architect were working together. 

One Salem Green is one of Salem's finest examples of modern architecture; a sleek brick and plate glass complex occupied by various businesses. It was designed in 1974 by Nelson Aldrich who was clearly influenced by Mies Van Der Roh's use of steel frame, precise rectangular forms, and broad unadorned exteriors.


Collins designed the pocket park to its left as an oasis for people working in this area. 

The park once felt far more inviting. As you can see from the early slides, it used to be covered in lush grass. Many benches use to line the brick paths, which encouraged people to take a break in nature to eat some food or read a book. This once beautiful pocket park, clearly shows how lack of maintenance will discourage people from using it. 




- To replace the grass

- To add more benches
- To maintain the plantings

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